We understand that your logo is almost always the first and most important graphic element defining your business and brand.

Righteye puts in the time and care necessary to get your logo right — whether it be the long-overdue update of your existing corporate graphic, or designing and delivering your fledgling company’s new logo — with confidence and pride in your fresh look!

Rhys’ excellent knowledge of typography, legibility, colour, contemporary graphic design and viewer’s emotional response will enable your business’ vision to shine through in an eye-catching and pleasing way through your new logo.

We’ll make sure the logo is scalable to any printable size and supply you with final file formats suited to any purpose — internet, letterheads, business cards — whatever your needs.

You will need the logo to function and look great on all your stationery and support material. Righteye will offer guidance through the entire process to complete and provide the look you wanted to achieve.

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